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New master camo coming to Modern Warfare mid-Season 3

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Infinity Ward has been teasing a new master camo coming to Modern Warfare soon for over a month now, and now the developers are giving an estimated time frame for the new feature.

The new master camo is scheduled to arrive in the mid-Season 3 update for the game, which should arrive in a couple of weeks. Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot has confirmed that the new camo will “take a long time” to unlock for fans. In order to unlock the new camo, you will need to have gold camo unlocked for the weapon.




 · Apr 10, 2020

Hey @JoeCecot @ArtPeasant . I'm just wondering when we'll learn more about the new mastery camo and weapon mastery challenges. Since I'm a grinder it just peaks my interest and curious about when it will be added or when I can learn more about it

Joe Cecot@JoeCecot

It should be in the mid season update. It will require gold be unlocked for the weapon before it will progress. It will take a long time :).




In terms of how this works, you only need gold per each weapon you want to unlock the master camo for – you don’t need to have gold for every single weapon + the new DLC weapons in order to progress for this master camo for a specific weapon.




 · Apr 11, 2020

Replying to @PrestigeIsKey and 3 others

My take was that mastery camo is unique to each gun. i.e. it's not like damascus that requires completion of other weapons. So you could get the mastery camo for the M4 and be done if you wanted.




Joe Cecot@JoeCecot

This. It’s per gun so as long as you have gold on the gun you can progress the new camo.






 · Apr 11, 2020

@JoeCecot do we have to unlock Damascus to grind for the new camo coming this season?

Joe Cecot@JoeCecot




Infinity Ward’s Art Director, Joel Emslie, has noted on Reddit that both the new master camo and Gunsmith Custom features will arrive in the same mid-Season 3 update that’s in the works.

The master camo and frankensmithing “Gunsmith Customs” are in the same update. Im not sure the exact timing so Im going to go with in Season 03 so I dont cause anymore confusion.

Source: Charlie Intel

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