Why should you join our community over other Warzone LFG communities.

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About Warzone.me [Warzone LFG Community]

Just a small article about our community! Just for newcomers we really want to showcase our community.

We are a new community for Warzone we jumped on the bandwagon little bit later than others, but we provide quality over quantity. We have made our Forums not only for LFG but also as a sharing platform or a place to hang out.

We have been around since 16th of march and we have over 500 Discord members.


You would ask what makes Warzone.me community so unique?

Member wise, we are still growing but we offer a lot more options to group up. For example we focus also on Console players, they don't always have Discord and they can use our platform to make a posting about the group they want to make or a regiment.

We also offer a tutorials sections where people can post exclusive content.

If you are a streamer you would get showcased as LIVE! which puts you above the other community/forum members. This way you always have a spot to shine, we really want you to grow as streamer as well!



We choose moderators and check who they are, and what they can offer to our community. We have a structured moderation system with different kinds of positions to make sure that no mass kick can happen or any abuse. We use bots to do everything and don't use discord's inbuilt system.

Only Admins can ban players, which is a good thing. You will get a second chance after you have spoken with one of the administrators if you have broken one of our rules. We will be forgiving once, or twice, but we would like to keep our community fun for everyone. Either you are a "good player" or "new player" there is room for everyone.


If you are not member of our community we would welcome you with open arms. Join our Warzone LFG community today and group up easily.


Hopefully i didn't forget anything. But always feel free to pm one of the staff members on Discord or send us a PM on the forums.


Kind regards,



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