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Warzone Class guide (Beginners guide)

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Best Warzone Loadout: Best Classes to Use in Call of Duty: Warzone

Close Range

Shotguns are best for close range engagements and great as secondary weapons. If you are the type of player who enjoys close quarter combat, this secondary class is for you. You should equip the R9-0 with a Forge Tac Barrel, 5MW Laser, Rubberized Grip Tape, and Ranger Foregrip. Your main class should have an AR or SMG of some kind. It is important to note that Overkill has to be equipped for you to be able to equip the shotgun as your secondary.

Mid Range

The M4A1 and the MP5 are your best options. Depending on your play style will depend on your attachments. If you are a faster player, use attachments that improve walking speed, aim down sight speed and movement speed. If you are a slower player, add a stock or underbarrel that increases accuracy. A sample MP5 class that works great for Warzone includes a suppressor, stock, stippled grip tape, 45 round mags of ammunition, and commando foregrip.

Long Range

The LMG is best for long range. Because of the map size, players should equip Double Time as a perk and include sleight of hand on their LMG gunsmith perk. That way you can move quicker on your feet and your reload time will be cut down significantly. A class you should also equip is the AX50 Sniper Rifle with Variable Zoom, Singuard Arms Assassin and Granulated Grip Tape. Use Overkill to equip an LMG, AR, or SMG for your secondary. This gives you a dynamic range of engagement.


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