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  1. Raven Software’s Creative Director Amos Hodge was part of an interview recently with GameSpot, where he discussed how the studio came up with the idea to have a Gulag respawn system for Call of Duty: Warzone. Hodge says that as they were developing Warzone, Infinity Ward was also working on the 2v2 Gunfight for Modern Warfare. Ideas emerged from the Gunfight mode about giving fans a chance to control their own ways to come back into action where relying exclusively on teammates. He says that they knew from the start of their development on Warzone that they wanted to ensure there was a way for players to have a chance to come back to life in the game. We knew from the beginning that we wanted a way for players who had been eliminated to get an extra shot at coming back. Single life game modes do a fantastic job of adding tension to the gameplay. First, we didn’t want a mechanic that was dependent on your teammates. Not all players have a full squad working together as a well-oiled machine. And there is a certain poetry to a player earning their own way back into the game. Second, we wanted to focus on what CoD does best, and that is gun play. At the time, 2v2 Gunfight in Modern Warfare was being developed and was showing strong signs of promise. With our high-level goals in mind it was a small jump to prototype a mechanic where players had to fight their way back into the game. Raven tested numerous versions of the Gulag, including how players were brought back into action. They had versions where players returned with their full loadout or with the loadout they had in the Gulag, but ended up with a pistol for everyone. We also iterated quite a bit on what players have equipped when they came back from Gulag. We tried giving them their full loadout, we tried letting them keep the Gulag loadout, we tried giving them nothing, and eventually we settled on a pistol. The pistol was enough so the player wasn’t defenseless, but wasn’t so strong that the Gulag player could drop onto active players for easy kills. Hodge also notes in the interview with GameSpot that they knew the wait time in the Gulag would be too long if they only had one Gulag in each match, so they decided to add six Gulag locations in a map to allow matches to occur at a faster pace. And, to avoid repetitiveness they added three different layouts to keep players on their toes. We decided to create six different Gulag locations, so we could spread players out and shorten the wait time. As time went on Gulag started to feel a little repetitive. It was a small simple map and you saw it every game. We created three different Gulag layouts to keep things feeling fresher longer. In total, we have six Gulag locations with three different layouts. Lastly, Hodge confirms that the studio plans to refresh the loadouts in the Gulag with new content so that players can get different action. We are looking at changing up the Gulag starting weapons for future updates to keep things fresh. The goal is to maintain a small set of weapons so players can get familiar with them. As always, stay tuned for the latest news on Call of Duty: Warzone. SOURCE: Warzone-LFG
  2. View this video Description Discussing the Recent Tweet from Tony Flame about Bullet Penetration in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War that could Affect Warzone.  
  3. Infinity Ward has released the latest playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone. In the store, Gaz Operator bundle has arrived for users to purchase and equip the latest Officer. Players can visit the store to purchase with Call of Duty Points and use the Operator in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. One of the heroes of the Campaign and a member of Task Force 141, Kyle “Gaz” Garrick is now playable as an Operator in Modern Warfare including Warzone. The ‘Gaz Operator’ bundle includes a skin for the Operator plus challenges you can complete to unlock additional skins. You’ll also instant unlock two weapon blueprints the Fair Brass and the Tanker, and the Hit Sticks, a blueprint of the Kali Sticks. Get Gaz, new Legendary blueprints, and more when you purchase the ‘Gaz Operator’ bundle. For playlists, here’s a look at the new playlists for Modern Warfare and Warzone. Modern Warfare MP: Boots on the Ground Ground War Blueprint Gunfight Realism Mosh Pit All or Nothing Face Off Stir Crazy (10v10 Mosh Pit) Warzone: Advertisement BR Quads BR Trios BR Duos BR Solos Plunder/BM Quads/Duos
  4. Infinity Ward has released the latest patch update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The update is between 22-32 GB for those who own both Modern Warfare and Warzone. For those who own both and want to play MP after this update, you will be required to download an additional 3.5GB data pack. Once the new update is done, it will take up just minimal additional space.Advertisement If you just own Warzone (free to play), the update will be between 22-30GB. Once the update is done, the overall game footprint since will be reduced. The new update includes the new 200 player BR Quads, new Operator, new Sniper, new MP map, new modes, and more for the game. More details on Season 4 Reloaded is here. PATCH NOTES: PLAYLIST UPDATE WHAT’S NEW 200 Player Warzone! Verdansk will now be able to hold up to 200 players. Jump into Battle Royale Quads with 200 players! Supply Run Contracts! Upon activation, you and your squad (if applicable) will be directed to a nearby Buy Station. Reach it within the time limit to get a discount on Buy Station purchases. Spotter Scope! Think of this as a high-powered scope without the glint; this re-usable scope allows you to scan the environment around you and mark enemies without being detected. Perfect for scouting ahead, the Spotter Scope is a great tool for Operators who want to plan their next move while keeping a low profile. DATA PACK DOWNLOAD: Please note that the Season Four Reloaded update will have a download size of approximately 22-36 GB for owners of the full version of Modern Warfare. Console owners must install a secondary download of approximately 3.5GB, then reboot the game to access Multiplayer, if desired. A reminder, console players can choose also to uninstall/remove other data packs (e.g. Special Operations), if no longer needed for a smaller overall file size. For detailed information on uninstalling/removing other data packs, read this article. Once the Season Four Reloaded update is fully completed, it should minimally increase the overall digital footprint of the full version of Modern Warfare. Existing free-to-play Warzone players will have a download size of approximately 22GB-30GB, once finished there will be a reduction to the overall footprint on their machines. Modern Warfare Ground War Blueprint Gunfight Team Defender Cheshire Park 24/7 Shoot the Ship 24/7 Gunfight Tournaments Realism Mosh Pit is now in the Quick Play Filter Modified Special Operations: Strongbox Regular, Strongbox Veteran Warzone New Gulag weapons! Semi auto rifles, snipers, along with one “just fists and a throwing knife” loadout! BR Quads 200 BR Trios BR Duos BR Solos Plunder: Blood Money GENERAL FIXES Fix for an issue where players could modify weapons with attachments from other weapons while using a mouse Fixed the wording in the Daily Challenge “Deploy the Manual Turret Killstreak 5 Times” to say “Shield Turret” Multiplayer and Warzone win/losses now track as intended per mode Improved stability for PC players Fix for Kreuger’s eyes coming out of his character model while performing the Brassed Off execution Fix for some Completionist camos not applying to the Witching Hour (AX-50 variant) Fixed an exploit on Krovnik Farmland while playing Reinfected Ground War Fixed a bug where the MIL-SIM CTSFO viewmodel gloves didn’t match the in-game world model Fix for a section of Hardhat that had invisible collision Fix for a bug where Demolition matches would not end as intended in overtime Added the Kali Sticks to modes like All or Nothing, Gun Game, Infected, and Gunfight Longshots now display the distance in the point feed Fixed a bug where the Juggernaut HUD elements would remain on the screen if the player was crushed by a crate Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in place when throwing a grenade and trying to use a Shield Turret at the same time If a player throws a Molotov at a severely damaged Deployable Cover, the Deployable Cover will break and the Molotov fire will disappear, but damage for the fire remains present for a duration of ~20 seconds. This has been fixed Recon Drones can now be destroyed with Throwing Knives Hipfire reticles are now visible in Spectate and in the Killcam. This will make it easier to tell if a player is using Stopping Power rounds or Slug rounds WARZONE Fix for an exploit in Boneyard where players could climb into the destroyed portion of a plane Gas Mask now cracks when you’re taking damage near or in the circle ‘Team Wiped’ message now appears in the Killfeed for your whole squad to see Fix for an issue where players could spawn under the map after winning their Gulag match Fixed a bug where players using Charly’s Tactical Human skin or Mara’s Valkryie skin would notice their character models missing from the exfil epilogue in the helicopter The audio for the Supply Choppers is too loud, preventing players from hearing most other sounds and communicating with their squad. This has been adjusted During the Supply Chopper event the supply choppers may spawn from under the map, killing players positioned on top of these locations as they raised through the map. This has been fixed Fix for the final circle being too close over areas that players cannot access such as the middle of Stadium The After Action Report now shows Cash Earned and Placement Fix for a rare bug where a player spawned out of bounds after dying out of bounds Fix for a minor issue where the radio operator dialog and subtitles for called in Killstreaks could incorrectly play the wrong faction Now allow up to three Precision Airstrikes to be called in at once but within a distance restriction WEAPONS: The M4 will perform an AR magazine reload when attempting to reload the underbarrel launcher while you have the 50 Round Mag attachment equipped. This has been fixed Stopping Power is now applied to headshots. Only certain weapons can go from a 2-shot to a 1-shot head shot, like the FAL and Oden. This fixes a few cases where headshots could sometimes do less damage than body shots when using Stopping Power Start Ammo and Max Ammo Adjustments: Increased Max Ammo: M4 .458 SOCOM Rounds Increased Max Ammo and Start Ammo: CR-56 AMAX M67 Rounds SKS 10 Round Mags Striker 45 Hollowpoint Rounds SCAR Default Mags Oden Default Mags Increased Start Ammo: SCAR 25 Round Mags Oden 25 Round Mags AX-50: Increased damage range HDR: Guaranteed one-hit to lower torso at any range Kar98k: Increased ADS speed Small decrease to hip spread Increased damage range MK2 Carbine: Faster movement speed Increased damage range Dragonuv: Increased ADS speed 2 hit kill min Gun recoil returns to the center more Faster rate of fire FAL: Added a close range damage shelf with one-hit headshot potential AK-47: Increased ADS speed CR-56 AMAX: Decreased damage range MP5: Decreased damage range Decreased 10MM damage range Reduced long range damage to 10MM ammo Slight recoil increase to 10MM ammo Grau 5.56 Damage range reduction Slight increase to high frequency recoil Reduced recoil compensation and decreased range on Tempus 26.4” Archangel and FSS 20.8” Nexus barrels Shotgun Slugs: Increased projectile velocity Reduced ads spread Added dynamic hip spread Increased damage ranges Increased lower torso damage No stock attachment: Increased weapon recoil Decreased ADS aiming steadiness SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Improved the effectiveness of the Decoy Grenade against most types of enemy soldiers Operation Harbinger – Fixed issue where some of the white trucks would appear without any enemies inside of them SPECIAL OPERATIONS: SURVIVAL: At the Weapons Store the weapons with purchased Gunsmith attachments are now displayed clearly The Buy Phase timer now pulses red when about to run out to help remind players of the upcoming wave Fixed issue where the text chat was overlapping some Buy Phase store elements Fixed issue where players could purchase weapons from the store as they are being downed Fixed issue where if players voted to ‘Retry’ after failing beyond wave 55 they would start each Buy Phase with reduced time Fixed a rare issue where players could use Munitions / Killstreaks in while downed SOURCE: Warzone-LFG
  5. Welcome everyone, What started with a Discord channel i decided to start up a complete community for Call of Duty Warzone - The Lack of good Forums is missing and it is easier to scroll through! We will focus on building community and letting people make private 'clubs' /clans on our website - This way people can recruit for clans and don't have to setup their own website but use as their home. The Forums are heavy under construction at the moment, but will be released very soon. We encourage everyone to use the forum even when its under construction. We will post on you guys. If you are not member of our discord server you can join it here: ~ Hyperion
  6. Best Warzone Loadout: Best Classes to Use in Call of Duty: Warzone Close Range Shotguns are best for close range engagements and great as secondary weapons. If you are the type of player who enjoys close quarter combat, this secondary class is for you. You should equip the R9-0 with a Forge Tac Barrel, 5MW Laser, Rubberized Grip Tape, and Ranger Foregrip. Your main class should have an AR or SMG of some kind. It is important to note that Overkill has to be equipped for you to be able to equip the shotgun as your secondary. Mid Range The M4A1 and the MP5 are your best options. Depending on your play style will depend on your attachments. If you are a faster player, use attachments that improve walking speed, aim down sight speed and movement speed. If you are a slower player, add a stock or underbarrel that increases accuracy. A sample MP5 class that works great for Warzone includes a suppressor, stock, stippled grip tape, 45 round mags of ammunition, and commando foregrip. Long Range The LMG is best for long range. Because of the map size, players should equip Double Time as a perk and include sleight of hand on their LMG gunsmith perk. That way you can move quicker on your feet and your reload time will be cut down significantly. A class you should also equip is the AX50 Sniper Rifle with Variable Zoom, Singuard Arms Assassin and Granulated Grip Tape. Use Overkill to equip an LMG, AR, or SMG for your secondary. This gives you a dynamic range of engagement. (Images soon)
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  8. In today's video we will be discussing the new information on Black Ops Cold War and its Warzone map!
  9. View this video Description In today's video we will be discussing the new information on Black Ops Cold War and its Warzone map!  
  10. View this video Collections Short Clips Cheaters Caught Easter Eggs Bugs Epic Fails Description 30 likes?!!  
  11. View this video Description We take a look at everything in the Modern Warfare Season 5 update, from new map locations, to two brand new weapons the ISO smg and the AN-94 assault rifle.  
  12. Infinity Ward has released the latest playlist update for Call of Duty: Warzone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This playlist update has brought back the Trios mode to Call of Duty: Warzone after the studio took it out earlier this week and replaced it with a LTM playlist instead. Infinity Ward says they heard fans “loud and clear” and worked to re-add BR Trios as soon as they could again based on the feedback from removing it. It is not clear why the studio removes the standard modes in favor of LTMs, but it seems like it linked to matchmaking in regions and not wanting to degrade it by having too many modes that splits up the matchmaking too far. This playlist update brought some updates to the Plunder mode as well. Stay tuned for the latest news. Source: Charlie Intel
  13. Infinity Ward and Raven Software have released the latest playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The new update refreshes the store bundles and brings new playlists to MP and Warzone. Here’s what’s new: Replacing Plunder Trios with Blood Money Trios Disabled helicopters in BR Removing: GW Reinfected, Cranked 3v3 Gunfight, Ground War Shoot the Ship becomes Shipment 24/7 Gun Game becomes Gun Game Reloaded Adding Demolition Adding Boots on the Ground War In addition, there’s two new store bundles now live in the in-game store, including a new outfit for Mace Operator and a Gold Weapon Skin Bundle. NEW Bundles: The ex-U.S. Ranger and Allegiance fighter is back in Store in a new bundle – ‘Mace: Guns Blazing’. Alongside a menacing new skin for Mace, the bundle includes two Legendary weapon blueprints that can overtake enemies in both Multiplayer and Warzone. Check the Store and pick up the bundle to add this vicious Jackals Operator to your roster, if you don’t already own him, and a haul of new gear.
  14. About [Warzone LFG Community] Just a small article about our community! Just for newcomers we really want to showcase our community. We are a new community for Warzone we jumped on the bandwagon little bit later than others, but we provide quality over quantity. We have made our Forums not only for LFG but also as a sharing platform or a place to hang out. We have been around since 16th of march and we have over 500 Discord members. You would ask what makes community so unique? Member wise, we are still growing but we offer a lot more options to group up. For example we focus also on Console players, they don't always have Discord and they can use our platform to make a posting about the group they want to make or a regiment. We also offer a tutorials sections where people can post exclusive content. If you are a streamer you would get showcased as LIVE! which puts you above the other community/forum members. This way you always have a spot to shine, we really want you to grow as streamer as well! Moderation We choose moderators and check who they are, and what they can offer to our community. We have a structured moderation system with different kinds of positions to make sure that no mass kick can happen or any abuse. We use bots to do everything and don't use discord's inbuilt system. Only Admins can ban players, which is a good thing. You will get a second chance after you have spoken with one of the administrators if you have broken one of our rules. We will be forgiving once, or twice, but we would like to keep our community fun for everyone. Either you are a "good player" or "new player" there is room for everyone. If you are not member of our community we would welcome you with open arms. Join our Warzone LFG community today and group up easily. Hopefully i didn't forget anything. But always feel free to pm one of the staff members on Discord or send us a PM on the forums. Kind regards, Hyperion
  15. Infinity Ward appears to be hinting at upcoming modes for Call of Duty: Warzone through in-game menu that shows up for free to play users who access some of the MP free weekend playlists feature in the menu. The message gives players to see the MP Free Weekend and what it offers, but the image behind it showcases modes that are not yet released. The modes that are shown are: BR 200 (200 players) Plunder 200 (200 players) BR Juggernaut BR Juggernaut has been teased about the Warzone Season 4 roadmap, but 200 players mode has not been mentioned for Call of Duty: Warzone yet. We’re not sure yet when these new modes will be added to Call of Duty: Warzone. Initially, prior to Warzone’s announcement and release, there were rumors of the game supporting 200 players. Warzone launched with 150 players as the studio wanted to ensure stability and performance with 150 players versus 200 players. Source: Charlie Intel
  16. Hey everyone, Warzone V3 Design finally is LIVE now! I am still working on it. If you see some odd colors don't wory about it ill fix it Let me know your opinions on the new design. ~Hyper
  17. The bonus rewards in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone for watching Twitch streams offer is back, live now through May 6th. To celebrate the Season 3 Reloaded update this week in Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Activision is teaming up with Twitch again to enable drops for select COD Partner streams. Watching select streamers will let you get additional bonus content in game. Want to earn some rewards before you head into your next match? Watch Modern Warfare including Warzone on Twitch from April 29th at 10AM PT to May 6th at 10AM PT to earn rewards, then equip then in-game and jump into the action. Here’s the steps to watching and earning Modern Warfare and Warzone rewards on Twitch: Step 1: Get a Call of Duty Account: Registering for a Call of Duty account is a relatively easy process that gives you some awesome benefits. Accounts make it possible for cross-play to be enabled in Modern Warfare, and you’ll receive all the latest intel and personalized stats. Get an account by going here. If you already have an account, you’re all set. Step 2: Link and Re-link: Once you have a Call of Duty account, connect it to your Twitch Account, so you can start earning! Go here to link your Call of Duty and Twitch accounts. If you already have a Twitch account, you must re-link. Re-linking ensures you have enabled the correct permissions, so you can earn rewards. Go here to re-link your Call of Duty and Twitch accounts. Step 3: Watch and Earn: Then, you’ll need to head to Twitch and get a look at the streamers who are playing Warzone. On drop eligible streams you’ll see a callout that “drops are enabled”, so you know you are officially watching and earning. From there, click the stream and enjoy the gameplay. You can watch multiple streamers or one stream but as long as they are “drop eligible” your total watch time will be tallied up, so you can earn rewards. Step 4: Get the Goods: So, you’ve watched some awesome gameplay of Season One of Modern Warfare and want to know what’s headed to your inventory? Details below:
  18. Fans have discovered many of Call of Duty: Warzone’s locations in real life, showcasing the inspiration the development teams at Infinity Ward and Raven Software used to build the large Warzone map. Infinity Ward’s Studio Head Patrick Kelly told us back in February when we visited the studio that their goal was to create a realistic environment that features areas from around the world integrated in a way that makes the map experience feel real and authentic while playing. Stadium – Donbass Arena Airport & Tower – Donetsk Airport & Tower Dam – Dnieper Hydroelectric Station Bank – Donetsk bank Parliament Building – Ukranian Parliament Superstore – Metro Supermarket Donetsk Call of Duty: Warzone is free to play and available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Source: Charlie Intel
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  21.   Discussing the Recent Tweet from Tony Flame about Bullet Penetration in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War that could Affect Warzone.
  22.   The best settings for Call of Duty Warzone in Season 5 for both console and PC! This video has loads of tips and tricks to help make you better at COD Warzone!
  23. View this video Description The best settings for Call of Duty Warzone in Season 5 for both console and PC! This video has loads of tips and tricks to help make you better at COD Warzone!