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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome everyone, What started with a Discord channel i decided to start up a complete community for Call of Duty Warzone - The Lack of good Forums is missing and it is easier to scroll through! We will focus on building community and letting people make private 'clubs' /clans on our website - This way people can recruit for clans and don't have to setup their own website but use as their home. The Forums are heavy under construction at the moment, but will be released very soon. We encourage everyone to use the forum even when its under construction. We will post on you guys. If you are not member of our discord server you can join it here: ~ Hyperion
  2. Club Name: Raid Gaming (RG) Requirements: none Region: All Platform: <:ps4:<:xbox: About us: New And Improving Clan, Looking For ANY Type Of Players We Play Fortnite, Call Of Duty, CS:GO, Rocket League, All DM's Will Be Answered, DM ME!!
  3. Here is my Why making a clan is actually a good idea! Tired of playing with random people? Ill get it, you make a team and you think everything is sorted. Untill that one friend doesn't login anymore. You gotta search for another person, but he doesn't feel like he is part of the team, because he needs to replace someone. So why make a clan? Playing with the same people can be good, but also be frustrating. With a clan you can switch between teams, but learn about each other. Also for future game modes you learn who likes what, so there is one play that loves the Duo game mode. A team of many people, is what a clan is. I think you should make one even tho you never have been a clan leader, it's time to step up your game and make your own group/clan/elite team. Looking for a clan? or looking for a team? Join the LFG Discord: here or sign up on the forums here Goodluck Soldiers, ~ Hyperion